CSF117 Module 7 Multiple Transmitters with Multiple Receivers

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Welcome to the Multiple Transmitters with Multiple Receivers module for IoT module. This module aims to facilitate learning of the various interconnecting one master with multiple slaves wirelessly for purposes of sending and receiving data.
Welcome to the Multiple transmitter with multiple receivers module of the course where we will create an end to end IoT network of several nodes, or what is known as a wireless sensor network. IoT is a good approach in achieving wireless sensor networks. We will create a web of devices with one master node with two slave nodes using the NRF24L01 component. We will begin with the basics of long range communication and give an example of the NRF24L01 component and learn about its capability in terms of range and data rates. Then design a web of devices using it with a set of Arduinos and then deploy the solution. Depending on the distance between nodes in a sensor network, one has the option of a number of communication components and protocols. For example, LoRa and NRF24L01. Both can accommodate a big number of sensors connected concurrently. The NRF24L01 module for example can have up to 3,125 nodes. In creating a web of devices, we will make use of the skills and knowledge we learned in previous modules in this course such as the IoT Architecture, interfacing arduino with analog and digital components such as sensors, actuators and wireless data communication. Finally , we will look at common issues in setting up web of devices and how to troubleshoot and resolve them.